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In 2021, "World's Greatest!..." National Television Show evaluated over 300 flotation centers throughout the United States for their short-form documentary episode on flotation therapy. Float Forty One was handpicked as the most trusted and experienced flotation center offering a warm, safe, and welcoming environment.


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Superior Quest Suites

Float Room #1 & #2

These two tanks are single person float rooms that are built into the wall, you access the tanks by entering the door that is in the open shower. The tanks are approx 4 ft wide, 8 ft long and ceiling height which means you are literally stepping into another "room".

You are always in control of your environment while floating,all of our tanks come equipped with internal LED lights and speakers so that the lights and music can be turned on and off as you need, you can also keep the door open if it will make you more comfortable.

Superior Revolution Float Orb

Float Room #3

This egg-shaped float pod is beautiful and also gigantic! It is the largest float pod designed for taller users, it can be used in the enclosed position or left open during a float session. It has a low side entry threshold for ease of entry and exit.

Floating in a pod or room is a preference that is developed along with your floating practice.

Deluxe Float Suite

Float Room #4

This tank is designed just like the quest float suite except it’s wider (6.5 ft vs. 4 ft) which makes these rooms ideal for those that like to float together!

While floating is an extremely personal experience and there are extraordinary benefits to floating solo, it can also be an amazing bonding experience with a partner.

This tank also allows people the opportunity to float who may not be able to on their own. It has profound benefits for people on the autistic spectrum and people with early-onset dementia (bathing suits are appropriate for these floats).

Float Therapy Benefits



 The percentage of adults with recent symptoms of an anxiety or a depressive disorder. Float therapy allows your mind and body to recalibrate and lower all sensory signals (also known as sensory deprivation).



25% of American adults feels chronic pain. Our nervous system has the ability to disrupt pain when we "unplug" the sympathetic nervous system from the external input.  Flotation therapy offers full-body relaxation, allowing physical tensions and pressures to release.



About 30% percent of the general population struggles with sleep disruption. The body can reset it's circadian rhythm (internal time clock). Floatation therapy will help reach deep relaxation helping to reset the natural cycle of the fight or flight response. 



It's been determined that meditation reduces anxiety levels by 60%.  Float therapy can make it easier to achieve a meditative state in a sensory-reduced environment. It can also help avid meditators take their existing practices to new dep




100% of sports injuries are recovered more quickly with a complimentary treatment plan. The zero-gravity environment will make your body feel more relaxed and ready for the next workout.




The tank is a place where you can go and feel at peace with the world. It also helps improve mental awareness in some people by inducing an intense state of calmness that allows them to see things more clearly when they are ready for competition or giving presentations on stage - whatever may come next!

Our Float Rooms

Find Quiet. Find Serenity. Find Freedom.

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