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Destress and Nurture

What to Expect with Floating

One or Two

Come as one or bring another, in our choice of deluxe tanks, single cabins or orb.

Reduce Friction

Come float a while. Floating and sensory deprivation is known to reduce stress and anxiety.

Sleep More

Known to improve sleep, floating is a great way to improve your life day (and night).  🌙 ⭐️ 

Melt The Tension

Relieving the effects of constant strain and gravity on the body, floating is a great way to decrease muscle tension.


Fire + Ice Contrast Therapy


What to Expect with Sauna Cold Plunge Therapy

You or a Group

Increasing your health can be fun. Available for individuals or group sessions up to 4.


Contrast therapy boosts blood flow, immunity, and helps clarifies the mind. It's also a lot of fun.

Decrease Recovery

Commonly used by today's top athletes, contrast therapy helps reduce inflammation and aids in quicker workout recovery.


Known to increase longevity, contrast therapy helps the body deal with stress, adding in longer performance.


Infrared Sauna


What to Expect with Infrared Saunas

Up to 2

Come alone or in tandem, for boosting cardiovascular function and reducing inflammation. Book before a float to enhance relaxation effects.

Great Skin

IR Saunas increase circulation throughout the body, aiding in things like pain relief and more even skin.

Sleep Better

An aid to chronic fatigue, infrared saunas help the body reduce the effects of stress on the body and mind.

Flush with the Discomfort

Unlike traditional saunas infrared targets only the body, leaving the brilliant affects of heat to you - without the stuffy air.


Halotherapy Salt Cave

Boost and Clarify

What to Expect with Halotherapy

Party of One to Six

Bring a group or yourself and immerse in the effects of salt. Book before a float to enhance relaxation effects.

Breathe Easy

Halotherapy has been known for benefitting respiratory function and relieving respiratory issues.

Boost Away

Presence in the salt cave helps the body boost immunities while being anti-allergic and anti-bacterial.


Good to reduce and clear inflammation and muscus from your airways.

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