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Cromwell Location

Connecticut's Premiere location for Floatation Therapy &  hot + cold therapy.

Book In Cromwell

  • ​Floatation Therapy

  • Fire & Ice Contrast Therapy

  • ​Infrared Sauna

  • Cross Culture Kombucha

  • Group Reservations


Our Address

17 Shunpike Rd. Cromwell, CT 06416

  • Handicap Accessible, IR Sauna is ADA Accessible

  • Other services are not ADA Accessible

Services In Cromwell


Fire + Ice Contrast Therapy

Alternating between traditional sauna and cold plunge 2-3 times in private rooms, for fortifying the body and mind.

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Floatation Therapy

Our flagship float tanks for decompressing and relaxing the body and mind. Featuring two deluxe tanks, one single cabin and one Float orb.

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Infrared Sauna

2 Person Clearlight Sauna offers advanced near, mid and far infrared technologies. Use infrared heat for more therapeutic benefits right where you need them.

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Floating Prices

90 min float $100

60 min float $89

90 min double float $200

60 min double float $178

*Age Minimum: 14 with a guardian in the room, 16 with a guardian in the center

Fire + Ice Prices

60 min 1 person $89

60 min 2 people $178

75 min Group Session 3-4 people $200

Fire and Ice Member rate $75

Fire and Ice Member Group session rate 2-4 people $150 

*Age Minimum: 16 with a guardian

Infrared Sauna Prices

40 min 1 person $49

40 min 2 People $98

40 min add on to a float $40 per person

40 min Member Rate $35 for member and their guests

*Age Minimum: 16 with a guardian

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