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Reducing almost all sensory input allows the survivalist part of your brain to pause, making space for the creative, relaxed part of your brain to flourish. Without the constant pressure of analyzing the world around you, your body lowers its levels of cortisol, the main chemical component of stress. Your brain also releases elevated levels of dopamine and endorphins, the neurotransmitters of happiness. Here are some of the benefits:

Relaxation Response

Pain Management

Anti-Gravity Benefits

Increased Stress Resistance

Chronic Stressor Relief

Behavior Modification


Improved Sleep

Sports Optimization and Recovery

Mediation and Mindfulness


The tank suppresses the sympathetic nervous system which produces our fight or flight response. Floating activates the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for relaxation, the promotion of healing, and the feeling of replenishment. Physical results of the relaxation response include decreased muscle tension, decreased blood pressure, decreased stress hormones, and increased endorphins.


Rigid postures and chronic muscular tension from daily life can cause ailments such as lower-back pain, neck pain, shallow breathing, high blood pressure, etc. The anti-gravity environment of the float tank relieves the pressure that is constant with chronic pain. Fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, bursitis, inflammation and psychosomatic pain relief have all been documented via float therapy usage. 


Although floating is not without gravity, the density of the Epsom Salt solution causes the forces of gravity to be dispersed across the greatest surface area of the body. Rigid postures and chronic muscular tension from daily life can cause ailments such as lower-back pain, neck pain, shallow breathing, and high blood pressure. This tension is relieved through the tank’s anti-gravity environment by dispersing the force across the body thereby decreasing the source of stimulation and providing relief to these specific areas.


Regular floating can alter the activation points in the endocrine homeostatic mechanism. This adjustment causes a lower threshold for adrenal activation, allowing us to become more resistant to the stimuli of the chronic stressors we are barraged with in daily life.  Creating a higher physiological threshold means the onset is reserved for when it is necessary, making us better equipped to handle stress.


Our tank’s environment eliminates as much external stimuli as possible, giving your nervous system a break. In a modern world rampant with technology, we rarely experience the isolation and silence the tank’s environment provides. This experience is freeing, nourishing and healing for our bodies and minds. We are hard wired to handle acute stress and have the necessary biological systems in place to respond when appropriate.  For chronic stressors such as work and family pressures, we are not well equipped and these have been cited to be a cause of several forms of disease.


Floating is a great way to bring greater awareness to various patterns of behavior, especially those we wish to eliminate from our lives. Floating has shown to have beneficial effects such as decreased anxiety and depression, and increased calmness and sense of well-being. It has also shown extremely positive results towards anti-smoking assistance.


The combination of extreme relaxation while being intensely awake allows acute visualization to occur. From athletes preparing for competition to public speakers rehearsing a presentation, the tank can induce the calm needed to perform at optimal function. Mental rehearsal results have shown it to be equally as beneficial as physical rehearsal. 


From managing chronic stress and inducing a natural calm, to facilitating introspection and identifying various less-serving modes of thinking, many people report drastically improved sleeping abilities. The change in your physical state and your mental outlook provides a healthier perspective, putting your body and mind to rest much easier at night. 90 minutes in the tank can feel like 6-8 hours of sleep, which is extremely therapeutic, refreshing and rejuvenating. Whether you pulled an all-nighter, suffer from insomnia or have a baby who never lets you sleep through the night, floating can help make up for any sleep deficit.


All athletes know how much of a life-saver Epsom salt can be for sore muscles. Think of floating like an Epsom salt super bath! Alongside detoxing any extra lactic acid from your muscles, the zero-gravity environment will give your body the relaxation it needs to get right back to training.


About 40 minutes into your float your brain stops producing its normal Alpha waves and starts manufacturing Theta waves. These are responsible for that semi-conscious state between awake and asleep. While it only lasts for a few sparse moments in your bed, you can achieve a prolonged Theta state in the tank, a state of consciousness that is usually only seen in children and people who have spent years practicing meditation.