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In 2021, "World's Greatest!..." National Television Show evaluated over 300 flotation centers throughout the United States for their short-form documentary episode on flotation therapy. Float Forty One was handpicked as the most trusted and experienced flotation center offering a warm, safe, and welcoming environment.


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Floatation therapy, also known as floating, and R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy). Flotation therapy is a zero-gravity environment that allows the mind and body to completely let go, relax, or reset. The use of 1,000 pounds Epsom Salts makes floating on water feel like you're in air with no forces pulling at your muscles - it's free from pain! This unique state offers relief for those suffering through bad times as well as benefits which build cumulatively--they keep getting better each session due simply because we don't have gravity holding us down any longer. Floating was first developed by Dr. John C. Lilly in the 1950s while attempting to isolate the mind from the body for the National Institute of Mental Health.


The inside of our float tanks is an environment unlike any other found on Earth. In its purest form, it is devoid of light, sound, temperature, and the perception of gravity. The beneficial effects resulting from our reduced environmental sensory input tanks include deep relaxation, with physical and mental benefits that continue well beyond the floatation experience. Studies on floatation have been overwhelmingly positive, and more benefits are still being uncovered through modern research. Floating bridges spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellness, making everyone ideal candidate to relax your body and heal your mind.   


You can experience floating on water with just a 30% salt solution. All weight is eliminated, so you will feel free to fall asleep if your body wants too! The anti-gravity environment provides deep relaxation and pain relief for up 100%. A relaxing spine curvature makes movement easier than before as well; this regeneration process occurs while we sleep at night when our bodies restructure themselves entirely during such periods of downtime (especially after exercise).


You'll feel refreshed and serene after floating in zero gravity. The brain enters theta waves, associated with deep sleep and dreaming when we float without any external distractions such as sight or sound to bother us!

Float Therapy Benefits



 The percentage of adults with recent symptoms of an anxiety or a depressive disorder. Float therapy allows your mind and body to recalibrate and lower all sensory signals (also known as sensory deprivation).



25% of American adults feels chronic pain. Our nervous system has the ability to disrupt pain when we "unplug" the sympathetic nervous system from the external input.  Flotation therapy offers full-body relaxation, allowing physical tensions and pressures to release.



About 30% percent of the general population struggles with sleep disruption. The body can reset it's circadian rhythm (internal time clock). Floatation therapy will help reach deep relaxation helping to reset the natural cycle of the fight or flight response. 



It's been determined that meditation reduces anxiety levels by 60%.  Float therapy can make it easier to achieve a meditative state in a sensory-reduced environment. It can also help avid meditators take their existing practices to new dep




100% of sports injuries are recovered more quickly with a complimentary treatment plan. The zero-gravity environment will make your body feel more relaxed and ready for the next workout.




The tank is a place where you can go and feel at peace with the world. It also helps improve mental awareness in some people by inducing an intense state of calmness that allows them to see things more clearly when they are ready for competition or giving presentations on stage - whatever may come next!


Find Quiet. Find Serenity. Find Freedom.

The Float Forty One


  • Avoid caffeine 4 hours before your appointment. 

  • Freshly colored hair? Wait two weeks to float.

  • Make sure you wait 5 days before you float if you recently got a spray or faux tan

  • Avoid shaving/waxing on that day too, in order not to irritate your skin

  • Bring your contact lens kit (solution and case)

  • We encourage floating in the nude but feel free to bring a swimsuit. 

Preparing to Float

Floating in complete darkness is a pure experience unlike any other on Earth. The water temperature and pressure are set at 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit, almost as if you were losing the sense that your body ends there while everything else begins underwater; we have soundproof rooms with adjustable lights or mood music so no external stimuli will affect this environment except what’s around us-and even then it may not seem real!

The Experience

Floating is more than 60-90 spent in the tank. We encourage you to enjoy some tea or Kombucha, and take time to reflect on what you just experienced before heading out into the world again! Taking this opportunity for reflection will give even more meaning behind the float. There's no better way to remember what happened while floating on water other than sitting down with yourself, going deep inside your mind focusing on your thoughts without being obstructed by outside distractions...or anything else. We have a room available for you equipped with a mirror, hairdryer, and the essentials. 

After You Float

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